Mogwai are a band from Glasgow formed in 1995. They compose lengthy, mostly instrumental guitar-based pieces in the style of post-rock, usually focused around the elaboration of a single theme, and are known traditionally for their quiet/loud dynamic, defined bass riffs, and an eminent ambient sound, sometimes dark and sometimes grand. Although frequently referred to as post-rock, the band have revealed in interviews that they despise this categorization, insisting that their sound bears little resemblance to pioneers of the genre, such as Tortoise. Members: Barry Burns (1998 – present) Brendan O'Hare (1997 – 1998) Dominic Aitchison (1996 – present) John Cummings (1996 – present) Martin Bulloch (1996 – present) Stuart Braithwaite (1996 – present)

Instrumental post-rock Post-rock British post-rock Compositional ambient Cosmic post-rock Dream pop Electronica Indie rock Scottish rock
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