Posted by jack89 5 months ago

How did you discover post rock?

Post-Rock is so niche that I rarely find people around me who know it even exists. I remember how one day randomly when I was in the university library I ended up listening to a playlist on youtube to focus while searching for music to study!

The music was unlike anything I have heard before, with its intricate melodies and atmospheric soundscapes. and today Post-Rock and ambient music is mainly what I listen to.

How did you end up listening to postrock?
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I remember mine very well. Before Post-rock, I listened to bands like Archive, Porcupine Tree, Younger Brothers, and ...

One day I was at a friend's place, he was living with his brother who also had some friends over and they were in his room and had some music on.

at some point this music kicked in and immediately caught my attention, I went to their room and asked for the name of the song, it was Hypomanie by Milanku.

I had no idea what post-rock was back then. I kept listening to that song for almost a week and every time I listened to it, I realized I liked it more.

I reached out to my friend's brother friend and asked for more songs like Hypomanie, and he told me this genre is called Post-Rock. The second time I was introduced to was Crystalline by pg.lost, which until today is my favorite Post Rock song.

This happened in 2013 and ever since then, I've been listening to Post Rock every day, while working, chilling, driving, and practically any time.

5 months ago


I got to know Post-Rock through my sister's ex-boyfriend. It started with Pg.Lost. After that, I discovered Russian Circles, Cloudkicker, Sigur Ros, Immanu El, Ef, and Dorena. By now, I am deeply immersed and have also discovered Math Rock through it.

5 months ago


Mine was differently started at uni. One of my house mates was into a load of small bands that I'd never heard off. I was into Fear Factory, Rage Against the Machine and such. He comes along with 65 days of static and it totally blow my mind. How different it was, how random sounds and such were part of the song.

I got more into it but the pandemic pushed me into it in full force.

I worked from home with the kids running around like crazy. Had headphones on most the time and song with vocals just distracted me so I had to listen to something with guitars, drums, synths etc that I loved but no words. Enter Post rock!

3 months ago

Moonfleet Chamber Ensemble

As a teenager, I was utterly obsessed with Bjork, which inevitably led me to discover Sigur Ros through an Icelandic music documentary. The subtitles were not set up right for the file and I wanted to watch it so bad I re-timed the subtitles for the whole film line by line. xD

3 months ago


Friends, it was a long time ago...
In 2008 I found it on the Internet "god is an astronaut." I don’t remember what album it was, since then I’ve been listening to Post-Rock.

1 month ago