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Post-Rock GO! Tianjing

For the first time,Post-Rock GO! showcase come to Tianjin,organized by the post-rock label 1724 Records,headliners are Amber(Xi'an) and Summer Fades Away(China).

Amber's music is one of the few things in the world where cold and warm coexist. Formed in the ancient city Xi 'an in 2010, Amber has graciously displayed such imprints in their albums.
With a clear and bright timbre that blends traditional spirit and contemporary charm with iconic melodies, Amber is a name you'd love to hear in a post-rock band.

Good mix of traditional Chinese instruments with modern post rock elements. Atmospheric, epic, and well, if you like post rock, you know what you’re getting into. This is Summer Fades Away.The band has built a diehard fan base since their humble beginnings in 2008 and have a new album out with 1724 Records.June Yui is the first track from this new album.Don't miss:)

Pingpong Space:150 meters north of Shize Garden, Wangdingdi, Nankai District, Tianjin

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I didn't know about such groups! Thank you!!!

1 month ago